Friday, May 1, 2009

where I've been...

Backyard pretty well done....
Backyard started!!

I feel like I need to apologize for my absence and getting seriously off track with my painting a week goal. My "painting" talents have be recently used elsewhere (front steps, shingle facade on the front of our house), and my designing skills particularly used in the backyard. Well, my sister Tere and I agree...landscaping is 3-D art. And it is, so I'll include pics of the back. We had an above ground swimming pool, a little 15 footer, that finally bit the dust, and so we were left with a 15 foot circular sand pit basically which was becoming the world's largest litterbox for wild animals or visiting neighbor critters. In short, something HAD to be done. So I covered it with stone. Now the space can be used. Ialso had help ala Tom Sawyer-style, this-looks-fun as our little 11 year old neighbor saw me painting. Could he help??? Is she stupid??? We painted steps together and had a nice conversation. That is such a lovely age.

So finals are next week, certification testing is over then, too, SO!! Back to the easel! I promise-myself as much as anyone else. Well, I do want to buy a Serenity prayer stone for the backyard, a covered swing and few more plants!! I deserve some fun and pretty stuff and friends to enjoy them with.

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  1. I really like what you did with the backyard! Time well spent, I sez.

    I bet your easel's gettin' lonesome, though. Mine's probably about to die from neglect. I better go see about it. ;-)