Saturday, June 27, 2009

two months is too long!!!!

Well, a lot of things have happened in two months. The above two pics are the more finished backyard. Everything is done except my real wish list, which includes a covered swing, a pond and a new patio set. Ok, that's the frosting.

The bulldog is my latest completed commission. The picture isn't wonderful, and I know it's time to save up for a camera or larger scanner that records work more accurately. Things tend to moosh together and pixelate out with the camera I have now, but this is Zebby, probably the most beautiful amateur photographic reference I received to work with. Lovely. And I'm so proud of his expressiveness. So I'm back in the saddle.

Oh, the other issue I've been dealing with is an 8-5 work situation. It's tricky but not impossible by any means to paint and get everything else done in the off work hours. I'm just learning a game that so many people have to deal with.
p.s. I scanned Zebby's head to see if the image would come out better. It's still smooshing, but I added it anyway.


  1. Worker Ant,

    The bulldog has character. Something you always manage to catch or infuse.

    Shaun Attwood

  2. Thanks...just an ant trying to move the rubber trees. Oops!!