Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Big 5-0

My life as a woman of a certain age seems to be filling up with other such women, and they are wonderful. There is something very special about getting near, past or around the half century mark and beyond. Seems like old fears and insecurities die, and what is left is so real and truthful, spending time with women in this category is a special blessing. I'm privileged to work with six such wise women, have four sisters plus one honorary sister/friend in this group, and two friends I meet with on Saturday. I can add to that now a pastor who felt God's call at 53, and is serving in her first pastorate here in Northeast PA. I was so impressed by that!! Shoot, when I was ten, being 50 seemed like you were ready to crawl into the desert and experience ceremonial dessication and blow into dust with the sand.

I work at a local dental distribution company in the tooth department. We stock, order, send and received denture teeth (seems rather appropriate). We seven women are actually our own little company within a company. The room we work in is closed off from the rest of the building, windowless and can only be entered with a special swipe card code. So, we are pretty much there by ourselves all day, and as it is famously stated in other context, "what happens in the tooth department, stays in the tooth department". But I have to share a little, which is like an episode of the Golden Girls. A tiny sound bite on a given day...first, you have to know, we get daily hot flash reports, timed fiber consumption reports, and frequent medical and bathroom habits are discussed. Nothing is really sacred. At this point in life, what is the point?

Ok, so here goes-the conversation was about black kohash helping hot flashes, so one of our number was asking about that, but called it "black hummus". Another voice was heard from a desk shouting out, "I thought that was what you put on your feet". (She was thinking, pumice). Yes, the deafness, the total lack of propriety...Hummus, pumice, kohash-a female conversation in the day in the life of the half century club. I love it.

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  1. Sounds like a fun little club you've got there, and right in the workplace. Way to go. I especially like your 10 year old concept of the half century mark. ;-)