Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fear Factor 2

Well, I made the drive to the Mission, see previous post, and first of all, it is on a major connecting street to the Wyoming Valley Mall and a Walmart Superstore, and the street is under construction, so there were no signs and it was dark. I drove all the way down the street and back up, made the correct turn, only to see about three cars in the mission lot. It looked like a nice building, though there was a liquor store at the turn off and the neighborhood is a little sketchy. No matter. It wasn't that. I couldn't deal with three cars. That meant like 5 people in church. Ughhh...can't do it.

So I drove home, got a huge pile of soldered earrings done while watching Fred Astaire on my tiny, tiny CD-DVD player in "Royal Wedding". Then I watched Shirley Temple in "The Little Princess". I love, love, love the dream sequence in that movie, never tire of it. "I know my rights, I know the law!!" How can you beat a totally tall, hot young Caeser Romero as the Indian servant, and Arthur Treacher paired with Shirley in great comedy and dance sketches. Too fun.

I did decide to try a local Lutheran church with an 8am service. I'm up before God cracks the sun yolk and so I wanted early. Also, they have a second service soon after, so it's sort of in and out quickly I hope. Sincerely, I'm hoping to find a creative faith community-how or where I don't know, but I want to serve in my gifting capacity. I know it isn't impossible. Nothing's impossible with God. Don't get me started! He took a no talent housewife in the middle of NEPA nowheresville and built something I still can't believe. But that's the trick-believe.

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