Sunday, May 26, 2013

Eternal Love

I recently had the incredible opportunity to visit the island of Maui on vacation with my five sisters. To say it was beautiful, exciting and fun would be an understatement. I'm ok with flying and a little timid when it comes to trying new things, especially things that have any element of risk or potential bodily harm, chuckle, but on this trip, it seemed like to swim with sea turtles or splash around under a waterfall was just the island way. My sister Cathy told me when we flew in the view of the island would be like seeing heaven. Well, it was clouded over and heaven was obscured, and it was raining, which we were told never happens (more like misting-there was water in the air but not drops). But later in the day, the rain treated us to this view of a rainbow over the terrace of our resort. We actually saw at least three rainbows that day and many more as the trip unfolded.

I could not help thinking, amidst the beauty and grace of nature that was displayed in so many forms over the course of the week, that my sister was right. We only have small glimpses in this world of what heaven may be like, but the more the world is viewed from the perspective of its creation by a loving and benevolent heavenly Father, the more grace-filled and lovely it is. His face seems imprinted on everything we touch. He gives a sin sick world His promises daily, His bow in the sky, His approving and consistent sun, the seasons, the bounty of growth and new life, new opportunity and new experiences every day. There are perhaps times when we understand it more, and I felt so often on this trip that simply to joy in everything I saw was heaven's kiss.

It is all too easy to see only black clouds and rain drops in life. But if we would only look up, there is a bow of colorful promise for us courtesy of the King of Heaven.

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  1. Wowy. Maui! ;-) I agree, heaven or hell can appear in our outlook, and it behooves us to look for the former.

    By the way, Sue, that painting I swapped you for a while back? The black abstract thing? I failed to get a decent photo of that for my records, portfolio, whatever. I'm wondering if you'd mind, when you get a chance, sending me an image of it. I'd really like to have that in my files.
    I don't get out in the blogosphere much these days, but I've really enjoyed catching up a bit with you here. Nice work.