Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Not quite the daily...

I was determined to write daily as an exercise in brain health and as a gratitude journal. I didn't quite make it the last few days. I've had to resolve something within myself. I feel like I'm working a dead-end job with no point, which isn't true. Caring for people who cannot care for themselves has a point. You are there for that person no matter where they are in life. To think what I wrote is to see it all from a totally selfish vantage point. At the same time my life feels very empty. So I've determined to paint and draw again as much as possible to secure representation if I can and sell work. Without something to hope for and be working toward, I'm not happy. Maybe it is just a matter of wanting something badly enough. I don't know. My eyes are a problem. I have dry eye and working for hours on end is hard. But I tell myself if I were at a job that required me to use the computer for hours like I used to, I'd have the same problem. So, I'm investigating every help and every solution, not taking it lying down because I can't for my own mental health. Here's the latest, and I thank God I have a way to make money on journey and still want to paint...not sure if it is done, but this is what is:

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