Friday, April 15, 2016

Seeking rest

I went to my home health job last night and knew the client was dying. I couldn't cope. I can't cope well with situations I cannot do anything about. The lack of control kills me. My own limitations do as well. I couldn't really even provide comfort for the family members. I could pray and did quietly. I am reminded of my son's situation 10 years ago. Same thing. Other than prayer, there was little I could do. Nothing to keep him out of prison. Only go through it. I did pray, and maybe that stopped the bullet that would have killed him in a suicide attempt. He is alive now and well, working and trying to rebuild his life. Life is complicated and more than we know. I wish I did it better.

Thank you, Lord, that it really doesn't depend on us entirely. Flesh is too weak for much. But You conquered sin and death. Help us rest in the knowledge.

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