Thursday, April 14, 2016

Still working...

I believe I am done with this piece.  I'm just trying to get as much completed to investigate procedure as I can possibly do.

I am working in home health care which I can say is not a strength or a gift of mine. I'm far too impatient. This morning I left a job because I felt unqualified. It was a blow to me. Lately so many things seem to be going that way. Not so many, but I'm a very responsible person and maybe that was a way to be responsible. Point is, my confidence is suffering. The art helps that because I know it is a gift from God, I know deep down in my heart it is something I love, even though now I struggle. I have to trust that exercising what I love and what He has given me is pleasing to Him. I praise Him for the gift I have and I trust that it will grow as I work it.

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