Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sweet somethings

I want to start out my days sending fear packing and inviting gratefulness into my life. Yesterday included seeing a bluebird for the first time! I saw the flash of a blue wing and followed it home as I walked...

Then I was privileged to join the ladies of our church for a monthly dinner/praise meeting. I am humbled constantly by the stories of women I see sitting across the table from me who seem so "ordinary", but I'm always fooled, thank God, and those that shared testimony and stories of their lives amazed me with their strength and endurance in God, their faith to meet some of the most
painful circumstances of life and still be thankful. I left filled in body, soul and spirit. It has been an antidote to my struggle with jealously and fear. I'm not viewing the world or God as I should. There is joy and peace in any life through Christ if we could only accept it. These ladies showed the way. Thank you, Lord, for your faithful people.

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